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  • What boys are OK ?

    - next door boys of age 18-20 years old who can provide copy of ID card to prove the age;

    - nice lads with slim or sporty body who can make hot web show;

    - smart guys with computer, webcam and internet connection.

    If you can comply with all these points, you are the right boy we are looking for.

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  • What videos are OK ?

    - 15 minutes home made video clips or online web shows which can be recorded by us;

    - hot videos with your face, masturbation, ass play, and cum shot.

    - other things which can make video hotter (for example, anal toys etc)

    It is very easy to make. No professional skills are required. Just be creative.

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FAQ or things you may want us to ask about

- How do you usually pay for videos?

- We pay the same day we have your video and copy of ID by paypal.

- Why do you need copy of my ID?

- We need it for for internal usage only. We want to be sure that you are of the proper age (18yo plus). We never publish your personal data.

- I do not have scaner. How I can make and send you copy of my ID?

- It is very easy. Just make a photo of your ID by mobile phone or webcamera and sent it to us by email. But remember we need clear image of entire document. All words should be clearly read. Especially your full name and date of birth.

- Where my video is proposed to be used?

- In members area of website with restricted access. It is not allowed to sell videos already paid by us to another company.

- What size of video do you need? What is video resolution?

- In digital video, resolution means the number of pixels displayed on screen. Technically speaking there are two types of resolution:
1. Spatial resolution means the width and height of the displayed image, measured in pixels. In other words, the total number of pixels contained in each individual frame. We need at least 1280 at 720.
2. Temporal resolution means the frame rate (number of frames shown per second), i.e. "resolution over time". We need frame rate 25 fps (PAL) or 29.97 fps (NTSC).

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Here is our special offer for webcam models. If you make online webcam shows on regular basis, just let us know the name of website and time of your show, and we can record it. After you can provide us a copy of your ID, we will send you your money. Besides of that we can promote your skype ID on our website so you can have more customers for your private shows.

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